Other Items For Home

Glass Dome with Base



Brass with Beleved Glass Display

Container       $550.00

Red Lead Cut Crystal Decanter


         Multicolor  Vase



24 drawer maghoney jewel storage box      


Red iron Planter    $650.00

Trio of Cookware pots

pot to the left   $65.00

middle pot       $125.00

final pot          $45.00

Dog Handle Container   $90.00

Pair of old typewriters

Top one $175.00

Bottom one  $250.00

Antique Hot comb w/ heating stand


Giant Metal Porpeller



1800's Victorian Clock   $850.00

Working decorative sewing machine


Four drinking glasses $10 each

Giant Wooden wagon wheel


Silver Metal Propellor  $350.00

1950's Mirror Clock